Akita Care in a Nutshell

Taking care of Akitas is relatively easy. Though they are large and strong breed of canine they require very little from their owners. Plenty of food and exercise and some training fulfills their needs.

Akitas have thick short coats that consist of two layers. They only shed once or twice a year, but their coat should be brushed regularly to keep nice and shiny. When they do shed it is important to brush every day. The shedding process can takes several weeks. By keeping your Akita well groomed you can minimize the shedding. The best tool to use to brush your Akita is a strong, thick brush.

After the second week of shedding give your dog a bath to get rid of any excess hair. As a rule Akitas don’t require excessive bathing, but after their shedding season your dog should be bathed to help remove excess hair.

Akitas, like most dog breeds, needs plenty of daily exercise to remain healthy. Taking long brisk walks or playing in the yard can be plenty of exercise. When playing with your Akita don’t encourage games that include play biting or tug of war as these types of games encourage behaviors you will not want your adult dog to have. A large fenced yard is important for your Akita. However, the Akita is a sensitive and social animal and likes to be with his family, so never keep your dog outside for long periods of time.

For your Akita to maintain good health, body weight, and strength he requires a large amount of food each day. If you are properly exercising your dog you shouldn’t need to worry about your pet being overweight. However, Akitas are prone to thyroid and immune system disorders. A daily supplement given by your vet can help maintain these possible health issues.

If you are bringing home a new puppy, be sure to feed him what the breeder to avoid a disruption to his diet. Slowly you can change the diet is desired and always follow the recommendations of your veterinarian.

Properly training your Akita is one of the most important things that you can do in caring for him. Akitas are highly intelligent and learn quickly. Training early is essential as they grow to be very large and strong dogs and soon become hard to handle. Socialization should be an important aspect to his training as this breed is naturally territorial and can become aggressive towards people or other dogs he doesn’t know.

Akitas must learn at a young age who is master. This will aid in dog training as well as prevent bad behavioral problems later. If you feel you cannot train your dog well yourself, then seek out a professional dog trainer who has handled large dogs such as Akitas to help in the training.

Akitas instinctively feel the need to protect their family and property. They make great guard dogs. They are also loving and loyal pets. When well cared for Akitas wil live a long and happy life and will bring joy to their owners.