Akita Training Basics

Due to their dominant personality an Akita dog can be a bit of a challenge to train. This characteristic is precisely the reason training is absolutely necessary. It is imperative that the Akita knows who is in charge from the very beginning.

Training methods for a dominant dog such as the Akita are a little different. When training any dog one should never use force or cruelty. Dogs learn best when treated with patience and kindness. As each pet has its own personality an owner must decide which dog training method is best for them. Sometimes a method is chosen after trial and error.

Positive reinforcement has been found to work best with most dog breeds. This method is often called the Reward Method. Using your Akita’s favorite treat you coax them into obeying the command you are trying to teach such as “sit” or “stay.” When your pet responds, either purposely or accidentally, reward him with the treat and with lots of praise. All good behavior should be praised as the Akita enjoys pleasing his owner.

It is very important to leash train your Akita. The adult Akita can weigh up to 125 pounds, and if not properly trained on a leash, the owner may find that his dog is walking him rather than he is walking his dog. The Akita breed is not tolerant of people or other dogs he does not know. For this reason leash training is also necessary to keep your Akita from aggressive behavior. While walking your Akita on a leash you will accomplish three things; training to walk on a leash, socialization, and exercise.

Some owners prefer to use the clicker method when training their dog. This method is especially effective if you are training your Akita to be a show dog. Clickers can be purchased at any local pet store. The clicker and reward training can be used together to train your Akita.

The Akita dog breed is smart and intelligent. They learn quickly and easily. Due to the size and strength of the Akita it is so important that they receive proper obedience and socialization training. A well trained Akita will become a welcome member of the family and be a pleasure to have around always. Be patient, kind, firm, and consistent and you will achieve the desired results.